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Bottle Design - Contract Work for Unilever

Bottle Design - Contract Work for Unilever

Freelance work of a series of spring water bottle design for Unilever, in October, 2010, Shanghai, China. 

  • Project Background

The team approached me to design  a new packaging for consumers with medium to high incomes who choose their drinking water not only for hydration function, but also expect the brand would be a fit to their own image and a represent of the lifestyle. 

  • First Approach

I designed a new lid with snap-open mechanism for a quick-pouring action. With one thumb pushing up the dome part of the lid, you can open the lid and enjoy your drink effortlessly. It fits in the description of the targeted demographics in "high-pace lifestyle". 

CAD model done with Rhinoceros 4.0. Colored, rendered and styled in Photoshop.

  • Second Approach

Speaking of the "mid to high income" consumers, I always picture them in dark suits with properly-chosen ties. So I picked a graphic approach to represent this scene. When the consumer picks up the bottle and is ready to open the lip to drink, the image of shirt collar and tie would just be at the same position of the real ties. A sense of humor could be very much appreciated in the office. 

Also I was thinking about provoking environmental protection awareness and in the same time, indicating that our spring water comes from an unpolluted source that brings you crisp taste and hydration functions. With that in mind, I composed the image of an iceberg hidden in a zip. And as it's getting unzipped, the revealed part becomes fresh spring water. 

The final approach was to add jewelry elements to the bottle design. The shape of the bottle is designed like a multi-faceted diamond/mineral piece, with a black-diamond shaped lid. The edgy bottle body also reflects more light that it becomes a nice decoration of your desktop.