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T Mobile Experience | Multiple breakpoints

The T-Mobile Experience

 A brand new customer-facing platform that is estimated to create great revenue to the client and bring outstanding user experience to the users.


| Project Perspective

This customer-facing platform has been under development since 2015, to radically change and replace the current platform with this bold, clear and modern design-driven system. 


| My Role

As a visual designer of this project, I produced a great amount of high-definition comps in Illustrator that are HTML-ready.

I collaborated closely and intensively with the UX architects and leads, the client, together with Product Owners and Project Managers, to deliver a big amount of works within each sprints. Operated and developed in AGILE mode, the process was lean and efficient and was always aligned with best expectation and the most recent researches as well. 

| Deliverables

A huge series of comps from account management, online device-shopping, upgrading plans and modals. All the wireframes and comps are part of the research-based user-journey mapping and user-story writing. Solving pain points one after another and adding screens after screens to the whole experience.

A great experience takes excellent execution.



| Reflection and Takeaways

This production-heavy visual design role has taught me so much about collaborating with talents of non-design principles;  designing under limitations yet still finding room to improve; working under pressure towards deadline and conducting user research whenever and wherever I could.

I have always dreamed about working on highly conceptual projects. But production work has its own rules and principles that sometimes it still teaches me a lot more than I have ever thought. 

Red-lining, style-related problem-solving with HTML team and developers, bouncing ideas back and forth but under strict style guidance, limiting design proposals because of character count in small breakpoints, etc.

Now I'm proud to say, that I understand ALL of them.