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Five Steps to Creativity - Facilitating Workshop

Five Steps to Creativity -  Facilitating Workshop

The journey began with ...

Napkin Sketch!

It was a traditional "party" style get-together started in early 2012, by a group of enthusiastic design management major students. The inspiration was originally from the  creative people working for advertising industry back in the 80s, who used to quickly draw down their idea when drinking in bars. With no other tools available, a napkin on the table (or ask the bartender for more) and a pen in the front pocket were all they had. Later on this even became a way of quick pitch.

So, me and my teammate, Elly Kim, borrowed the idea as our facilitating class project as a first-round observation. We asked our participants to contribute ideas of "how to turn the Grad Space into a creative place".

First-Round Napkin Sketches from fellow students, on the topic of "how to turn the Grad Space into a creative place"

Then we didn't stop just here. Throughout the observation, we started to wonder, how creativity or inspiration was triggered. If there could be a formula to follow? Or does that matter a lot to us facilitators? What we said, implied and directed could be very helpful to some point, or oppressed the thinking process. Would that be very different if other facilitator was handling the session?

What was behind the creative process?

Is there any "creativity generator 101" we can follow? How do we get from some "aha" moments to the final concept that is presentable in front of your peers and professors?