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FUNport - iOS App

Funport - memorable journey inside of airports

Process of the Making

I sketched out wireframes and important contents on printed iPhone wireframes on paper. This helps me get a general idea about layout and what is necessary in one screen and what could be left out. 

Access to POP quick prototype:

Supporting Material

Boarding Pass Design

The boarding pass could become the link between the airport errands and the digital assistance we are providing, as added value to the brand. 

With scanning and connecting with the app, customer can take a themed tour around part of the airport. The themed tours range from souvenir shopping, a touch of history, and trip for foodies. Each tour has different routes and highlights different stops and featured shops. Customer doesn't have to make any purchase, but any purchase made would add points to their mileage rewards system for redeeming flight tickets later on. Simply show this pass to the cashier at the register, or pull out the digital version on your phone, the rewards are yours.

Considering not every one has time and energy for all that exciting new service, we still provide you with a hot beverage, which is redeemable at Starbucks with our partnership.  That's the least we can do, during your waiting time. Hopefully that energizes you!

Have fun! Welcome aboard!