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Rethinking motel industry

Multi-platform app design | Service design


Phase One: Research of problem discovery and articulating pain points of the current service.

LEVEL is based off intensive research of motel service sector and resulted  in a rethinking of the whole motel business. You may read the length, 7-week process of discovery, service innovation mapping and user journey model here.

The traditional motel has become a filthy, cheap and last-choice option for the majority of people nowadays, and it has lost most of its used-to-be customers. Our team of four designers redefined the demographic of users, stakeholders and extended this analysis to the whole industry to re-brand this falling business. 

The mobile app UI design is part of the results of  the innovation that answers and completes this on-the-go concept and business model. 

My role: 

UX and service designer,  UI designer, researcher



Phase Two: Mockup

Our business concept involves airport and car rental service providers to be our partners as part of the service offering. To see how users interact with out airport kiosk, and make convenient check-in process as soon as they landed and want peace of mind. 

We built a quick  cardboard mockup and placed it in shared space where most students come to hang out and work. To make it look like a kiosk, we inserted an iPad underneath the cardboard frame for interface. We documented users' reactions by observing on the side and asking them to think out loud. 

Documentation of the process and demonstration of the set up.

Documentation of the process and demonstration of the set up.


Mid-fidelity mockup

After laying down a pretty thorough story, I began to develop a quick mockup for the interface. This interface will be implanted into our in-room ordering system, on a 32-inch touch screen fixed on the wall of guest room, so our customer can have full access to our full-range of service from food to garment service. 

This first version of mockup was developed in Adobe Illustrator. And it was later on tested on three users to get appropriate feedback.


Usability test

We adopted the "dump waiter" system to deliver service, with support of a team of backstage staff to better assist our core innovation - automated room service with minimum interpersonal interaction. This is a fairly new system that has rarely been used in hotel or any hospitality services. We built another cardboard prototype and invited three users to experience this new process of "ordering room service".

The mid-fidelity prototype was printed out and was used as interface for the ordering system. Our team member stood behind the board and switched from pages of interfaces to show the flow according to users' choices. 


Live Prototype Powered by InVision App

High-fidelity deliverables

  • Touch-screen in-room ordering system interface design

As the final graphic package of our brand was decided, I integrated the brand color, font, and logo into the final design. I made several pages as samples for the final presentation. More pictures to come, as I am currently revising some of them with my recent ideas.