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I'm a product designer with a strong passion in UX. With a master’s degree of industrial design, I have built and polished my design process around prototyping and iteration. 

Throughout my process, research and development always happen simultaneously. At the beginning of a product development cycle, I start with working with business analysts to translate data into design principles and visual language. Then, working with strategists brings me insights of target users that later became my metrics of a successful user case. Finally, collaboration with developers gives me new perspectives on design and its practicality. 

On my whiteboard, you can find journey maps, storyboards and user flows written on sticky notes that constantly get rearranged throughout the design cycle. I enjoy hearing about stories, seeing scenarios and observing user behaviors. The "a-ha" moment that sparks with inspiration is the most rewarding experience to me.

I enjoyed working in multidisciplinary environments, whether it be on a team or where I was the only designer and was required to handle projects from ideation to delivery. When working with design peers, I always look forward to learning from their varied talents and creative thinking.

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