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The "I, me, mine" Ring

"I, me mine" is a loss wax casted ring made of copper.  Started from carving wax till the after-casting refinement, the whole experience has been reflected into the final design.


The "I, me, mine" Ring

Casting Process:

  1. Carving shape out of wax using Wolf Precision Carving Tool Set.
  2. Refining surface with emery paper until desired smoothness.
  3. Making a mold using plaster and the casting can.
  4. Letting it set in the oven at around 700 degree over a night.
  5. Putting casting can into casting machine while melting copper bits using special torch.
  6. Pouring in the liquid copper and let the machine stir and inject the metal into mold.
  7. Cooling down, washing off the plaster and get the piece out. (with other casted pieces on a same "tree")
  8. Sawing the ring off the tree. 
  9. Polishing, refining, and done!


Front View