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Tribe - An AT&T Collaborative Project

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Everything about Sound, Social and Fun. 

tribe title

A re-branding project sponsored by AT&T and Concept 101, with SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), from Sept 2012 to Nov. 2012

Project Highlights

Bluetooth Receiver - adding compatibility to devices that were not equipped with bluetooth chips.


Design Process

Research and Project Brief

In this very first stage, right after we have heard the project brief and had contact with the company representatives, we start to define the demographics and targeted users' lifestyles.

Trends prediction is also part of the secondary desktop research. Our team inspected popular elements from aspects of technology, social and lifestyle.

Insights and Affinitizing with data

Using Triads, Word association and shadowing as our main research methods, together with "bag checking", a method in which our team member asked fellow students (targeted user group) to empty their bag for us to show what they carry with them on a daily base. Then they were asked to arrange the objects from those they depend on the most, to the least. That helped us understanding the emotional attachment between users and products, as well as the priority of object usage. All the research was conducted under users' consents.

To view the the complete detailed research work and insights, please visit the research focused page.

Ideation and Form development

  • Ideation

    • Sketch Wall Poster (The whole team)

  • My rendering

Graphic - Brochure and Manual 

For final presentation, our team designed a brochure that functioned as a manual/advertisement for both in-store experience and brief for product features.

The In-Store Full Experience - Final Presentation

To fuse a full in-store experience into our product families, the whole team built a store front inside of our school building. All display stands are customized and hand-built by ourselves. To better create an immersive shopping experience, product video, manuals and packaged prototypes were all displayed in accordance of each product family's features.