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The World Is Fun | iOS app


The World Is Fun

iOS App

Visual design | UX design | Prototype


The World Is Fun is an amazing non-profit organization based in Seattle, WA. I was very honored to volunteer my skill and time to build an MVP for their first iOS app approach.

My role and timeline

I was the sole contributor of building prototype of the organization's first MVP as iOS app. 

I met with creative director twice about requirements, expectations and project scope. As a volunteer, I contributed 10 hours per month of creative work in June, 2017.


I delivered wireframe and end-to-end click-through prototype made in Adobe XD.


I later on improved the  prototype with micro interaction using Framer and InVision Studio.

Phase One: Understanding users 

My client has a steadily growing community of users who constantly go to organization's current website to discover volunteer events and to participate.


The majority of the users belong to the young generation who are very connected to social media and are attached to apps like Snapchat. The initial user study showed that users enjoyed the convenience and speed provided by Snapchat's easy left-and-right swiping gesture, that enabled them to quickly sift through information and expressed their preference. 


 Prototype for user testing


Phase Two: Designing in high fidelity and style exploration


Phase Three: Interactive Prototyping

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